A quick guide to Artificial Intelligence for data designers and curious minds.

Words by Pau Garcia — Founding partner of Domestic Data Streamers

This article is the first in a series of articles about how the latest artificial technologies can be integrated and impact the data visualisation and information design industry.

  • Generative AI won’t replace human creativity. It will enhance it.
  • This technology demystifies creativity. Think of what Edison said: Genius is 99% perspiration (combination, recombination, productive work and experimentation) and 1% inspiration (establishing the seeds, polishing, etc). Thanks to this new technology, we now realize that we can automate a large percentage of the creative process.
  • Although some jobs are in danger, it is also highly likely that new roles that we cannot yet imagine, will emerge from the need to manage and interact with this technology.
  • A good number of people who may not be professional artists, but that have a natural predisposition to exercise their creative muscles, will thrive with this new technology. They will strengthen those muscles in faster and easier ways, and they will enjoy new opportunities to augment and amplify their creative potential.
  • AI generative systems are only possible because of the giant datasets of images, videos, and text that are used to train them. Some of the data used in the datasets to train AI models are public domain data.
  • But, a good part of the data used in these datasets belongs to living artists that have not declared it to be public domain data.
  • These are artists that make their living by selling such data (selling their decades of hard work that have produced a specific style and a series of works).
  • These artists are, indeed, the foundation on which this revolution is supporting itself on its meteoric rise. And so, an increasing chorus of living artists are complaining about this. Some of them state that the works of living artists should not be included in these datasets. According to some, their complaints have fallen on deaf ears, largely being ignored (at least so far).
  • I will always support generative AI, but above all, I will support and defend my fellow creatives (because people and their lives should always matter more than technology).



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