Turning excel spreadsheets into erotic lyrics.

By Pau Garcia & Axel Gasulla

“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can”.

Julius Caesar

With each passing day, the word “data” is being used with increasing frequency. Today, going without it means cancelling your 4G plan and, consequently, disconnecting from…

by Pau Garcia & Axel Gasulla

This is article is part of the chapter “What we need to persuade” on the book Design Does: For Better and for worse.

This article was originally going to be titled “What do we need to persuade?”, but this was immediately replaced with the…

by Dani Pearson Founding Partner Domestic Data Streamers

This fragment if the introduction of the book Design Does (for better and for worse) edited with the Design Museum of Barcelona and Elisava School of Design and Engineering.

Have you ever looked into a baby’s sparkling eyes and wished you could…

Pau Garcia / Domestic Data Streamers

On the dawn of COVID19 there was a whole rush for building up the next generation of solutions, Alex Bordanova our CTO at Domestic Data Streamers wanted to push for a specific solution for municipalities, they had the urgent need to make city council…

Domestic Data Streamers

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